These testimonials have been put into categories to make it easier to find those related to what you may be interested in. They are divided into physical effects, return of old symptoms, emotional effects, dreams, reality interface, philosophical and psychological effects.

Physical Effects

Immortality is a regenerative remedy amplified to return the body to its ultimate assemblage point of expression. How this occurs is something we are still witnessing unfolding, but there are some key similarities for people in the trial; such as increased energy, regenerative “growth pains”, youthful appearance – and more. Although more observation to determine exact outcomes is still underway; but as it stands, Immortality provides a unique return to our most youthful, energized selves.

People are commenting on my looks, they say I look fresh today during the day, there were some memories, pleasant ones, from my childhood going through my mind, like things I loved to do as a child. I have become much more playful again! – A.C

Woke up today at 5am full of beans – punched my punch bag for a while and went for a walk where I actually started running, as walking seemed not energetic enough. This is completely unheard of for me as I hate running. I am on day 9 of immortality and each day I seem blessed with more energy. How far back will we go in terms of energy I do not know but adventure beckons so I am diving in – A.I.

This morning I took the jellyfish and the trinity and within a few minutes my pain levels were down, and I think this is because there is a consciousness level to pain which even though you have written and read your positive affirmations and practiced your yoga and had your hot sauna and salt baths and taken your magnesium etc, it still gets all bunched up inside my body and expresses itself through me in very uncomfortable and difficult ways. A kind of body memory of pain which starts a tightening even though there is currently no stimulus other than the memory of a stimulus. So I’m noticing an immediate release and flow of energy. – G.T

My skin; the ash grey aura to it has left me and I can already see the glow of youth in it that I might have had 15 years ago.
But most interestingly as the day progressed, I found my usual approach to overthinking and stress replaced with a predator like fighting spirit. The kind a mother experiences during trauma to protect her young. The solace that came with this was incredible as it was devoid of ego and filled with knowing and belonging. Am loving Immortality after just one day and look forward to sharing more of the magic this incredible creature brings to us. – S.M

A feeling of arriving at Now. I felt a kind of jubilant and childlike excitement, almost wonder, at nothing at particular, just a feeling bubbling up inside me. I had definitely shifted and was in a different version of life.

The hard contours of my body and the tightness and strain of the constant holding up and together of things melted away. I felt the left side of my body relax and become more alive at the same time, integrated. I normally am quite right dominant.
As I cooked dinner this evening, I had so much energy and I think I created one of the best meals I have ever. I felt happy and inspired and was eager to engage. I was definitely hungrier than normal as was surprised by how much we ate. – P.V

I resonated with and want to reiterate the animalistic nature of the medicine. It has a real primal root, I notice it in the way I choose to move and hold my body, and had a glow in my still wrinkly skin last night, just generally feel a whole lot better about everything. Chalk and cheese from where I was just a week ago. – H.M.

So hungry and thirsty! But not picking up weight – in fact I seem to be losing it. I was surprised by how much more youthful and at the same time mature I looked, a certain degree of clarity and crispness. As the single mother to a two year old during lockdown I was accustomed to looking perpetually tired and drained. – P. V

The remedy is working amazingly quickly. I’ve noticed this very profoundly in terms of the skin feeling softer and I can feel the tendons and joints are stronger. Joints that creak a lot are feeling easier. A strange finding is that the skin feels like it’s tightening and toning, especially around my face and lips – D.S

I have so much energy in my body, clarity of thought and a deep sense of connection and inner calm. Biggest notice is that I have no body pain – where I have experienced ongoing muscle tension, pain and neck spasm for years, daily. – C.P.

I have had a lot of energy and want to clean and tidy everything up. Very deep insights in my main issue. My skin is looking really good and I am looking forward to having less wrinkles. The jellyfish really likes water and if I don’t drink enough I get a headache, so it’s pushing me to drink much more than I am used to, which is very good. – A.C

I feel like a Duracell bunny, so much energy, to the point where I cannot sit still for long, gratitude is on going, my relationship has never been better, lots of laughter and playfulness. – S.B

I went on a strenuous hike today and still feel I can walk again whereas my friends were exhausted so Immortality is definitely a great energy booster. I have also noticed my 1 and only finger that has arthritis is not painful at all anymore and my skin is glowing. I have found that exercise in combination really grounds me. – M.S.

I feel calm, at peace and very clear minded, no negative emotions. Feeling very productive as well. My ankle is feeling great, healing fast. On a soul level I’ve felt myself being carried back to a more child-like version of myself. I feel I have a renewed fresh and innocent perspective of life once more. – A.S


As the body regenerates itself, so certain extra effects have been observed to unfold during the Immortality trial. Increased thirst, hunger and return of memories and signals from a more youthful time are a few worth naming. This section details such instances in which these effects arise and how some people have been able to make sense of them.

My hunger has intensified – Physically my limbs feel loose and my walk is strong, more focused and purposeful.
This morning when I looked in the mirror, I noticed my eyes have a definite sparkle to them, almost glowing. I also feel like I’m seeing colour and the depth of it more vibrantly. – Y.B.

After a dose, I was filled with a beautiful sense of childlike joy. I moved my body for a while and then went to lay with my belly on the earth, feeling very present in my body and senses and connected with my surroundings. Colours and textures and sounds were extra vivid. The pain was less now, and this feeling of joy continued through the afternoon. Despite this, by the evening, I was in a state of joyful exuberance that I haven’t experienced in a long time.. – R.E.

After writing my post last night I worked on volunteer work until 11pm with precision and focus, completing mundane task well, brought such joy. I was worried that I would not be able to come down from this energetic space and be able to sleep, but to my surprise fell into a very restful sleep really quickly. E.Y.

Woke up today with noticeably softer face skin – Increased metabolism and appetite, kind of speedy all day long and also excited that this thing is really happening. – I.T.

My mind is full of new ideas (am an artist) and I feel highly motivated, which I often struggle with. The magical portion has pointed out some things to me, like I was very thirsty in the morning and usually I drink far too little water, the pain in my lower back might be from kidneys and they are filtering like crazy. My right knee has an old injury and feels a bit stiff now. Also I had a very weird dream last night, very vivid and am busy figuring out the message. For now to summarize my current feeling is that of being champagne in a bottle. – A.C.

What was completely hairless 2 weeks ago now looks like hair is re-growing – this immortality seems to be increasing blood flow to tissues which is stimulating supple skin, and now the return of hair growth. – A.I

I can report that my eyes are still feeling a lot better and the wrinkles on my face seem to miraculously be disappearing – A.L

I have an amazing sense of acceptance, and have been able to expand my consciousness more, and really see more of the bigger picture. Skin is feeling soft and supple, and mind is still feeling sharp and clear from that walk the day before – C.D.

Return of old physical symptoms

As the cellular structure of the body is under an intricate process of communication and recalibration with Immortality, it has been observed that old injuries, aches and pains return as the body literally becomes “under construction” in which all such symptoms begin a process of regeneration and healing. This is a particularly fascinating aspect of the remedy’s capabilities as it indicates direct influence over the body’s cellular memory.

Woke up with a tight lower back and left shoulder into neck causing a mild headache. These are symptoms from a lower back injury at a young age, and from 20 years of hairdressing. Within the hour, my lower back pain has calmed down a lot, and my headache is gone. Also feeling very excited, like something fabulous is about to happen.

Later my pain in my lower back has improved by at least 60%. Great first day, and I am absolutely amazed at how quickly I could notice results. – C.D.

The jellyfish is currently working on a shoulder wound which I incurred at 28 years old while wiping shelves vigorously. I was teaching my staff what ‘elbow grease’ was and my shoulder snapped out of its socket. I then proceeded to show them what ‘get over it’ meant and snapped it back into place with a smile. – S.M

Structural weaknesses/injuries from the past have been surfacing – initially mostly in the sacrum, lumbar spine, hip (all of which are easing now), and in the last two days, also my thoracic spine moving into the right shoulder, and as I write this, my right collarbone.

I am really happy that this remedy seems to be working so strongly on the spine and skeleton. My bones are one of the weakest areas of my physicality, and so I am also feeling into the possibility that the lack of energy I’ve been experiencing, could partly be related to a lot of energy going into regeneration on deeper levels. – R.E

Emotional Effects

The return of old memories is an interesting aspect of the Immortality process; coupled with waves of immense feelings, it would indicate that Immortality ignites the emotional body in a wave of release from its previously diminished role as a mechanism of survival; the emotional body is thus released from this mechanical role, and brought into being a newfound tool from which to experience the fullness of life and all its joys without the impending fear of death and decay. This is incredibly exciting as it is feelings and emotions which illustrate our experience on this plane of existence.

I have been extremely in control of my emotions, not getting caught up in guilt about other peoples’ story. – C.D

I feel subtle emotional shifts to becoming more relaxed inwardly as I am going with the flow. I’ve been enjoying vivid dreams ,intense connection to nature and increased wellbeing . I’m deeply aware that I have the opportunity and choice to focus my energy on what’s fulfilling or whatever is happening around me. It’s truly an amazing agreement of the mind and heart – M.D

My experience as a 24-year old on this protocol so far has been one of crystallising in my maturing; A LOT has come to the surface recently for my attention and reaction, and it seems that I am able to observe and let go in a way that I haven’t always been able to; as I am usually governed by strong and intense emotions. It feels as if my body is learning to process feelings appropriately, and cope with balancing a sensitive nature with having a fierce heart. – H.B

I experienced a powerful emotional release yesterday as I suddenly became aware of a deep level of tension and fear that I have been holding onto throughout my physicality, coming from a belief that it is not safe to be in this body / not trusting that I am held and supported by my physical structure and by existence. – R.E

This is all absolutely mind blowing; the jellyfish tops it all. I catch myself with a negative thought and can immediately give instructions to stop it and it just disappears. For the first time, since many years I have a real good outlook on my future. – A.C


Some of the process of regeneration and resolution of anything which binds the body in a state of fear seems to occur during dream space; it is well understood that the subconscious is most alive and operative during dreams, and thus the observation of this crucial time in the body and mind’s rest period continues to be an area of great excitement regarding the process of Immortality.

Dreamed of a young man, loving me, calling me into his arms…..strong emotions in the dream, of being loved and beckoned by my youthful masculine? I’ve been craving recognition, love, affection, a sense of being valued…..all met in the dream-space. However I was also in trouble for breaking something that I was desperately trying to fix on my mother’s behalf, while she withered away in the corner. It really is my feminine who is afraid of aging, so it feels appropriate that the masculine leads the way in returning youthful energy, as he seems to have less fear of the process anyway. – H.M.

Had incredible dreams of flying again and when I woke up, my mind seemed to be very calm.
My meditations were also beautiful and I find myself able to let go more, which is incredible! – C.D

Have been feeling much better and having beautiful dreams of unresolved patterns. I feel like I’m somehow completing them in my sleep. – N.M

Last night I had a dream where I could see my right hip joint, which was painful the last few days (a weak area for me), actually regenerating, and I could see my brain with new (/old?) energetic pathways being lit up. I am aware of subtle and not so subtle changes happening in my pelvis and spine. – R.E

I had really amazing dreams of flying through space, and I am absolutely amazed at how quickly I could notice results. Not sure if it is because I am less stuck in busi-ness, and actually able to sit with myself and connect much more since dosing Immortality. – C.D

I’m finding sleep a lot more pleasurable and my ability to nurture my body by being aware of how I feel .Dreams are fun and creative going to years when I was a rebellious teenager. I’m enjoying my ability to laugh out loud at myself and less critical of situations I find myself in. There is less resistance and going with the flow. Feeling deep emotional connection to all my loved ones and accepting who they are and appreciating them . – M.N.

Reality Interface Considerations

When one radically shifts, as is the outcome of dosing Immortality, there must be considerations regarding responses to the faces and places of one’s external reality. This section details engagements with reality and how these perceptual occurrences arise within flow of a more exuberant, defined take on living a much-extended length of life on earth.

The theme of connection continues and I am woken by a call from one of my dearest and closest friends. She and another dear friend of mine had a rather abrupt and unpleasant ending of their relationship. I was previously feeling a bit stuck between the two of them and not sure how to navigate the space.

Having withdrawn my energy back to myself has caused a huge rush of energy back into reservoirs within me. I feel amazing and am full of energy.
I feel as though I am able to do many things internally at the same time with clarity and I am enjoying everything I do. As I become more connected internally the same happening in my external reality
– P.V.

I felt a bit of emotional release too and felt a slight flutter in the heart area bit like a tingling sensation, .and felt a deep shifting in my heart area from an energetic perspective like the heart area was really opening – M.S

Moving my body seems to generate energy and often immense joy. I’ve been spending hours exploring movement through my qigong and yoga practices, and at these times am hardly aware of time passing – I’m in awe of the level of presence, subtle awareness, bliss, and the deep insights coming through. I had an experience of transforming into the jellyfish whilst dancing my WuJi Gong ceremony, and in this space of an hour, felt like I received a big upgrade both energetically and in my understanding of how to work with energy. – R. E

I’ve been continuing to experience quite often the heightened senses and deeper sense of connection with my surroundings. Also feeling more centered in myself and more aware of the areas in my body that I have neglected / are still needing healing. R.A.

Philosophical Implications

The quest for immortality is perhaps the most ancient and mysterious one that governs humanities’ evolution; confronted with linear morality and the chains of death and decay; it would seem that from a philosophical perspective, to rewrite the bodies’ agility and preservation is the cornerstone of heralding in a Golden Age and renewed wave of consciousness. No longer tormented by existential dread and the chains of time, this section details some of the shifting perspectives of the clinical trial as people come to terms with a new found resolve regarding their assemblage points in space & time.

We are all royal. We all exist in our own unique parallel universe, and the way we give meaning and feel it is unique, so really we’re all talking different languages when we express ourselves from this uniqueness. Even if we’re all talking English. We should all start getting used to calling ourselves King or Queen or prince or princess. Each of us is the sovereign ruler of our own unique kingdoms. And from there we can interact with others as if they too were sovereign rulers of foreign lands! And take time to learn the nuances of individual meaning in how others use their language. Learn from each other, as a primary life mechanism. With the attitudes of respect and gratitude and humility that go with this. – G.T

As a dancer and performer I’m naturally in tune to other people in this way and this remedy amplified the awareness.
Standing in the seemingly endless queues was a more pleasant experience, normally this bores me. Today I felt patient, aware and so connected to the people in front and behind me. – Y.B

I feel pretty relaxed and in the moment. I see people and hear bird song. There is plenty of time. If I don’t do it someone else will. If I can’t do it someone else can. nature is art and art is our nature. – B.B

Time is a linear illusion created by the mind. Our consciousness can travel and/or even transcend time – if we believe it into every cell of our being – M.J

It has never been about time and death. It is about us. If man is to aspire to spiritual peace for the sake of death and rebirth, how is he to do this in a vehicle with mere wheels in a world where we can fly? If time is to measure how he travels, how is he to attain this peace when he must travel alone? These are man made concepts drawing us only to the self when it was never about that. It was always about us. The awakening is upon us, where we will live in a world for each other. For one. For life. For love. For unity. – S.M

Age is but a number and being young is a state of mind. The philosophy of immortality is life positive which espouses the values of timelessness and freedom in this life in the present. and to do away/or extend the inevitability of death, which will extend our continued growth and expansion as a physical organism. – D.S

Psychological Implications

Without assuming a generalized didactic stance on the nature of individual psychology; the response to increased energy, precision of focus and the effortlessness and grace with which life flows with Immortality brings a clear understanding that this remedy harnesses all our positive attributes into a useful manifestation of our highest potential. This can only offer us more time and space within which to build the greatest and most desirable versions of ourselves; including the environment and planet around us. All becomes truly possible.

Time has taken on a completely different quality and I feel so present. Doing simple things like lighting a match to make a fire, I was aware of being completely present, looking at the match, at the flame as it ignited, noticing my thumb holding the match…almost like time had slowed down and there was more space for the frames per second. My days have felt slower but not in a boring way – simply more engaged and absorbed. It’s fascinating to feel a huge layer of angst disappearing, if there is no deadline, only endless time, there is no reason to even create time as a construct. No pressure to rush through life in any way.. – R.W

Time has stretched out in such a spacious way. Whatever I am engaged with the jelly is helping me to dive deep, in my family constellation session today I was able to feel the emotions, sadness anger and pain of the male lineage of my family, plugging into uncried tears fear and sadness of all then men in my lineage. This is something I haven’t been able to access before but it just came up today and I could go there with ease. – E.Y.

It feels like I’m being shown the gift of true embodiment. My visceral sense is heightened. There are moments of spontaneous joy as well as deep grief & anxiety triggered by memory and they’re all passing in waves. There seems to be space around the experience which is giving me strength & a capacity to hold it all. – A.B.

Here I am, as I am meant to be at this exact time in the history and story of human evolution, because this is exactly why I was supposed to be here. I have been waiting all my life for this moment; I have a job to do and a real purpose which I have been dreaming and planning for since I can remember thanks to Immortality. – C.M

My feeling is that the Jelly has dealt with the grosser physical layers of my system that have needed rejuvenation and is now going to work on the more cerebral side of things, starting with my most chronic area, the frontal lobes of my brain. Excited now to see what the rejuvenation of my psyche looks like. – I.T