Can the Immortal Jellyfish cause physical immortality?

Immortality is a vibrational remedy made from the Immortal Jellyfish. It was launched in mid-May of 2020 in South Africa and put on trial for two months where approximately 40 people took 7 drops every day. The results have been astounding and it has rapidly travelled across the world where, in the space of three months, is now available in 15 countries.

The immortal jellyfish,(Turritopsis Dohrnii), has the incredible ability to completely regenerate its structure if it gets old or is badly injured. This ability has been documented for some time by marine biologists. Avid researcher and natural medicine practitioner Adamas Incendia developed a special amplification technology to capture the message of immortality and reverse ageing from the jellyfish in a form our body can understand.

Firstly, from research and then from the trial, we see that Immortality reverses the ageing process rapidly. It sends a strong cellular message to return to our youthful self. Effects like increased youthful vigour, better skin tone, thicker hair, less wrinkles, better circulation, less joint pain, and more enthusiasm for life are rapidly experienced. 

Effects continue to improve the longer one takes Immortality. The effects are permanent. The process puts in motion the return to a younger bodily age.Although it takes the cells a while to catch up, everyone on the trial group noticed major effects after a week maximum, and in a day minimum.

There is a psychological component to reverse ageing that needs to be understood. As the body clears old cells, it heals itself. It also spits out old memories stored in the tissue. This means we may experience memory flashes back to the past and the innocence of youth. Some of these memories are delightful and positive and others are remnants of trauma stuck in the body’s cells. The expulsion of these memories sometimes causes initial anxiety although if one is forewarned and understands the process, it is easy to see this as passing remnants and not to be immersed in discomfort.

Because of this psychological component, we recommend using the supportive material on this site to understand and to move through any states that may require acclimatization. There are countless articles that explain the various aspects of embodying immortality – from existential to psychological, physical to theological and of course social and lifestyle considerations. Also available, is advice and directives like guided meditations, movement classes, workshops and a list of community resources if you want to join or start a supportive group in your area.

How far back does it go?

Although the jellyfish returns to a polyp, this is not the case with humans. We do not go further back than full development and the amount of Immortality required or desired varies from person to person. Some people elect to take one bottle only whereas others feel comfortable to take a course of 3. It is not recommended to take more than 5 bottles continuously without having at least a gap of a year between. The message relayed after even one bottle stays with the body for a year or two before normal ageing begins again.

Who should take it?

Anyone over the age of 21 who wants to feel younger and be eternally young. Anyone who wishes to not get old and die, but rather to reverse the ageing process. There are some instances where the remedy has been used topically, especially on skin conditions with great results. Trials for the efficacy of this are still ongoing and we will continue to feedback reports on this site.

Dosing and amount

So many people feel so incredible and energised while taking Immortality that they naturally want to continue with it. Others feel more energy than they are used to and have to build in more exercise into their schedule. In general, three bottles are enough although up to five bottles are absolutely safe to take before having a break of a year or two. 

Support and Community

Our support groups engender immense positivity and encouragement for the members. Shared experiences are also incredibly valuable for research and development into the realm of Immortality. Many participants felt that once embodying the concepts of breaking time and ageing, many other limitations fell away allowing a distinct advantage in everyday life, in attitude and creating a new paradigm for a life more enjoyable. Another aspect of the support groups serves to build the belief field. Where people may initially think of physical immortality as completely unachievable, the more we witness youthfulness and reverse ageing and see it for ourselves, the easier it is to believe it is possible. See Immortality and a New Reality

For further insight into the journey of Immortality, I suggest you read the entire section under the tab New Immortals. These are blog posts written by the founder Adamas Incendia.

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Written by Adamas Incendia.