About Us


Here we are, those of us that have made the site happen and our valued contributors. As much of what we are doing and experiencing is breaking new ground, we are open to hearing your experiences and learning from our growing community of new immortals who are breaking time, living without limitation and dissolving the patterns that create physical ailments. To contribute new techniques or perspectives email us on hello@new-immortals.com

Robyn Wilkinson

Site Editor & Curator


It’s highly energising curating content to fuel the Immortals. I’ve spent most of my life interviewing inspiring people, consulting on far reaching wellness projects, writing articles and editing magazines with conscious content. Hearing numerous miraculous stories and witnessing humans stretching themselves beyond what is normally considered possible (yes, I’ve even interviewed a real live breatharian), I’ve always wondered how far we can go in breaking the bounds of what is possible.Taking Immortality feels like the journey of that. Seamlessly it transforms resistance into realisation. My background: in the early days of 2000 I started the Natural Health directory and Chi magazine; worked with Longevity magazine,and ghost wrote and published books about natural healing. I consulted on numerous wellbeing marketing projects, started the custom title Wellness, and then the wellbeing platform and print magazine Holistica. I feel completely aligned with the New Immortals project and voraciously excited about creating a new world with a whole new directive, one that is brilliantly limitless.

Adamas Incendia

Founder Of Immortality


As the creator and innovator of vibrational remedies, Adamas has incredible insight into the human psyche and how it intersects with the body. His background is steeped in Buddhist philosophy and a deep form of homeopathy. This, coupled with many processes to unshackle the mind has liberated him from limiting constructs enabling a vision of a different future. After practicing homeopathy for 20 years, he became deeply committed to alleviating human suffering and created remedies that worked simultaneously on all aspects of being human. After much success with his series of remedies under The Trinity, (Liberation, Redemption and Blue Lotus) Adamas ventured further into vibrational technology to bring the world Immortality. This leading edge remedy challenges everything we’ve ever woven into our reality. Adamas is the perfect leader for a venture into a new paradigm and feels strongly about providing as much support through the Immortality process as possible, urging us all to set up community to share our experiences and support each other along the way.

Steven Bartlo

Resident Chronicler


His full name, Stefan Jan Bartlomiejczyk comes with a comment from the owner, (the spelling may be disputed, us Poles are overcomplicated… but I’m fine being called Steve).

Steven is the elected chronicler of the Immortality story – from beginning to, hmm well…there is no end. Having grown up in America, spent 20 years in an ashram in India, taken up surfing at age 57, set up eco villages in South Africa and BC Canada, spawned two gorgeous daughters in his fifties, he has a beautiful depth of understanding and curious worldview that mostly comes from kissing a remote Himalayan blue ice glacier on a solitary hike that he almost didn’t make it back from. Now exiled by children in South Africa, with no struggle credentials and a lucky residual income that comes from the states Steve is making the best of things and trying to bring as much humour into the situation as possible.

Holly Beaton

Editorial Contributor


As a wordsmith and stylist, Holly Beaton is focused on weaving the physical and etheric dimensions across multiple creative disciplines in fashion, philosophy, art, music and ecology. Holly is a firm yet fluid devotee of the mysteries, having been initiated into practices of the sacred Feminine since she was 18 years old; a continuing process of integration and embodiment. Her most comfortable human title is ‘Norse – Buddhist Witch’, with a deep interest in the restoration of indigenous lineages and teachings that span across the planet; she strongly believes the pen, is indeed, mightier than the sword; and seeks to use this epitaph as she communicates the written word between realms of the seen and unseen.

Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

Editorial Contributor


Andrew Kenneth Fretwell is a Soul Architect and spiritual fulfilment facilitator who transforms lives through his practical clarity around the multidimensionality of the human experience. He is the founder and creator of Wu Ji Gong.org, a dedicated and committed worldwide community. They work inspiring and educating humanity on how to awaken self-love and integrating it within the body/mind. Andrew is also the founder and creator of Original Feeling Touch www.oft-touch.com a revolutionary healing modality dubbed ‘ family constellations for the cellular memory’ because it is so effective in transmuting the unconscious family and ancestral trauma preventing the unfolding of Soul potential. Andrew has literally held healing space for over five thousand bodies in the last 35 years and has trained many professional therapists in the OFT approach. In his worldwide counselling practice his area of focus is supporting and clarifying individuals’ understanding of their Souls evolutionarily purpose.

Catherine Tuck

Editorial Contributor


Catherine studied Shiatsu and Chinese medicine, with Floris de Clerq, at the Cape Town Academy of Shiatsu, in 2000. She qualified first in her class. She then travelled to Ireland and the UK, where she practiced as she travelled. Since returning to Cape Town, she has built a loyal list of clientele, through personal referrals. In 2008, she returned to The Academy of Shiatsu, to study her teachers-training, and then continued to teach at The Academy, until 2011. Catherine is constantly expanding her knowledge of Chinese medicine, and is currently studying with Dr Michael McLoughlin.

Priya Vassen

Editorial Contributor


Priya Vassen has been a dedicated practitioner and later teacher of the internal arts of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga since 1998. She is also trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture and, more recently, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

With a deep respect and honouring of the ancient wisdom traditions, Priya has delved beneath the seeming rigidity of the conceptual models she has trained in and is able to access and read into a living, breathing intelligence that by its very nature facilitates an effortless state of healing. As we delve and bring to light the deep-rooted, intertwined programs that condition, enmesh and obscure our true radiance, our unique design comes into play and we are able to rekindle our inherent potential. Priya sees this as our continuing birthright.

Jayshree Mannie

B.Paed; B.Ed; FDEd; Dip Couns; Dip HSc; Mindfulness Coach

Editorial Contributor


As an international speaker andauthor withacademic, professional and post-graduate qualifications in education, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, energy medicine, counselling, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness training and various other disciplines, Jayshree has a wealth of knowledge.Her field of interest has always been about the human psyche and how we can maximize potential and live in harmony with each other and the planet.

Seminars, presentations and workshops have taken herfrom South Africa, to India, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia, Zambia, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, the UK, Vietnam and the UAE. Jayshree has dedicated her life’s purpose to ensuring the way we raise and teach our children becomes a key component of life.Conscious Classroomsis her latest project; an insightful book with captivating anecdotes, progressive research, innovative ideas and trailblazers ushering in a new era in education and personal-social awareness.